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Versatile and rugged.


Versatile and rugged.


  1. Extended drawbar with dual drive shaft
  2. Slip clutch and shear bolt to protect baler
  3. Pick-up width: 1.85 m (DIN width 1.75)
  4. Pick-up height adjustment via control cable from the tractor cab (hydraulic optional)
  5. Tidy crop uptake with stronger pick-up, exactly the same as in the QUADRANT design
  6. Two strengthened dual crank feeders
  1. Power-saving pull cut, with flat rams for better bale shape
  2. High baling density with heavy, robust rams and bale chamber
  3. High performance with new linkage geometry
  4. Shaft drive for feeders, knotters and needle, with capacity for ten reels
  5. Reliable all-twine knotter
  6. Integrated maize kit as standard
  • Specifications.
    Pick-up widthm1.85
    DIN widthm1.75
    Crop feedCrank feeder conveyor
    Ram strokesrpm93w

    Bale chamber dimension

    Length x width x height

    m1.10 x 0.46 x 0.36
    Bale lengthm0.40 – 1.10
    Recommended power requirementkW (hp)44 (60)
    Number of knotters2
    Number of twine reels in the twine box10
    Left11.5/80-15.3 6 PR
    Right10.0/80-12 4 PR
    Track widthmm


    PU options
    Hydraulic / hydraulic
    Drawbar / guidewheel
    Tare weightkg1600

Twine box.

  • New twine box with capacity for ten reels
  • Better access to the ten reels

Strengthened pick-up.

  • NEW: strengthened pick-up, for working in any conditions
  • QUADRANT concept for MARKANT balers
  • Controlled pick-up for longer service life

Improved bale shape.

  • New ram shape for firmer bales
  • New linkage geometry for better bale appearance

High compaction.

  • The new bale chamber shape enables the MARKANT to produce heavier bales
  • More kilos per bale mean more tonnes per truck, for lower transport costs