CLAAS post-harvest check

Put yourself in the best possible hands.

CLAAS post-harvest check

Put yourself in the best possible hands.

The benefits of the CLAAS after-check at a glance:

Because "after the harvest is before the harvest", we offer the CLAAS post-harvest check service as a detailed analysis of the technical condition of your machine immediately at the end of the harvest season.

Now that the harvest is in, it's time to start preparing for the next one. Contact your participating sales partner today to book a date for a CLAAS ORIGINAL post-harvest check.

1. Operational reliability into the next season.

Your machine is inspected and serviced by a CLAAS sales partner working to the high standards of CLAAS. Years of experience of harvesting all around the world assure you of the best possible maintenance and repair service.

2. Maintaining the value of your machine - fully validated and documented.

Regular preventive maintenance carried out by your CLAAS sales partner keeps your machine in optimum condition. This is fully documented in the digital service voucher booklet, providing a reliable valuation of your machine should you decide to sell it.

3. Ideal division of labour.

Entrusting your machine to our specialists as soon as the season is over frees you up to focus on the farming tasks that are your core expertise.

4. Clear cost benefits for your business.

You get the benefit of attractive winter terms and conditions by having your machine checked and serviced by your CLAAS sales partner during the off season.

CLAAS post-harvest check. You're in the best hands with us.

The CLAAS post-harvest check process:

The post-harvest check is a detailed inspection of your machine based on a specific checklist, carried out to the high standards of CLAAS.

  • Detailed inspection of machine components
    1. Whole machine
    2. Engine
    3. Chassis
    4. Transmission / clutch / drive shafts
    5. Brake
    6. Steering
    7. Lift device
    8. Hydraulics
    9. Cab
    10. Attachment parts/machine body
    11. Basic maintenance
    12. Electrics/electronics
    13. Hitching
    14. Drive systems
    15. ...

    Note that points vary according to machine type.

Inspection and diagnosis

Your CLAAS expert can bring up the exact configuration of your machine simply by entering the vehicle number of the "Inspection Pilot" app. A specific checklist is generated accordingly, ensuring the comprehensive display and diagnosis of all relevant points during the post-harvest check.

Digital documentation

Quick and intuitive - the service specialist records the findings from the post-harvest check with just a few clicks, taking photographs to document any weak points, defects or wear. Possible actions to address the issues are also proposed already at this stage. And of course you will also receive this individual condition diagnosis in digital form.

Expert advice

Years of experience and access to an international pool of data enable the service specialist to assess the results according to your operating conditions, and suggest your possible next steps.

Cost estimate

On the basis of the condition diagnosis and suggested next steps, you will now have a clear idea of the specific measures needed to get your machine into shape for the next harvesting season. Your CLAAS sales partner will work with you to draw up an individual quote, with real cost benefits for you from placing your order early.

Order acceptance

The findings from the meticulous post-harvest inspection will provide the basis for fast, thorough and cost-efficient servicing of your machine - so that when the next harvest comes around, you know your machine will be fully up to the task!